Dragon 888

    Dragon 888 Premium Karaoke 3000W Power Mixer/Amplifier
    Second Generation WA Dragon series offers the same great features as the original Dragon 777 but with a dual LED monitor display and extra power to pump up the jam! Wynn Audio Dragon 888 Karaoke Mixer Amplifier offers impressive design and superior clarity sounds with deep warm bass that will take your party to the next level!
    • Key Features

      • Built-in Dual 4.5” LED Display Monitor for monitoring 

      • Built-in 10 Channel Equalizer

      • HDMI Input/Output, USB Ports

      • Live Recording Functions with Playback. Save files onto your USB Storage drive via USB port

      • Premium professional grade built quality 

    • System Spec 

      • 1500W 1500W Watts Max Power Output

      • USB 2.0 Port with Built-in MP3G Player Module for Recording Playback

      • Built-in Digital Effect for Bass Mid and Treble enhancement

      • Music Control: Low, Mid, High, Balance, Volume 

      • Microphone control: Delay, Repeat, Echo, Low, Mid, High, Echo, Volume 

      • Master Control Individual Controls for Microphones and Volume

      • Audio/Video Inputs: DVD/AUX/BGM/RCA/HDMI 

      • L/R Multiplex Channel Output Selector

      • Line-out Outputs  

      • 1/4" Microphone Inputs, Guitar/Keyboard/Piano Input, XLR Microphone Inputs, HDMI Input

      • Banana Plug Speaker Connectors, Conductor female Twist Connector Cable

      • Balance R & L Line Output, HDMI Output

      • Temperature-Active with Ultra-Low-Noise Fan  

      • 115 Voltage Built-in 110W AC Power Outlet

      • Dimensions: 17"(W) x 8.5"(H) x 14"(D) - Weight: 55Lbs

      • Remote Control and Rack Mount Kit