DiamondMix 2000 NE

    DiamondMix 2000 NE
    Wynn Audio DiamondMix 2000 NE Premium Karaoke Mixer Amplifier offers the same great features as the original DiamondMix but with ease of use and a level up in sound quality. The feature includes studio-quality pre-set mixer setting which requires no additional master echo control setting skills. Simple to use along with next-generation superior sound clarity for an even better singing experience is what the DiamonMix 2000 NE is all about!
    • Key Features

      • Built-in 3.5” LED Display Monitor for monitoring and on the go mobility onsite performance

      • Easy to use, Built-in Plug N Play Mixer setting (requires No Master Echo control setting by the user’s)

      • Record and playback files on your SD card

      • Record your own live singing performance and share it with friends!

      • Karaoke Practice Mode: Sing and Record your singing performance in privacy via Headset/Headphone

      • Playback and monitor your own vocal performance via Headset/Headphones

      • Premium professional grade built quality and finished.

    • System Spec:

      • Professional Digital Echo with separate repeat and delay controls

      • Digital sound Effect

      • 1 SD Card reader slot: read/write data files on your SD Card

      • 2 Headset/Headphone Input: 3.5mm &  6.35mm 

      • 4 Audio/Video inputs: DVD/HDD/AUX/PC/Record

      • 1 RCA Audio/Video Output

      • Auto input Selector 

      • L/R Multiplex Channel Output 

      • Music: Low, Mid, High and Balance Volume Controls 

      • Microphone: Delay, Repeat, Echo, Low, High with Volume Controls 

      • Balance Volume control for individual microphones 

      • 3 Front 2 Rear Microphone Inputs 

      • Master Control for Microphone and Volume

      • 4 Banana Plug Speaker Connectors 

      • Subwoofer Audio Out 

      • Pre-Input, Pre-Output 

      • Power: Up to 2000W (Max) - 100W AC Power Outlet 

      • Remote control