Dragon 999 II

    Dragon 999-II Premium Karaoke 3000W Power Mixer/Amplifier
    The stunning Fourth generation WA Dragon series offers the same great features as the Dragon 999 but with a massive 9” widescreen LED monitor display, built-in 20 Channel EQ, dual USB/SD Card recording, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The 4th Generation Wynn Audio Dragon 999-II exclusive design offers impressive sounds clarity with deep bass that’s guaranteed to delivers a far above average karaoke experience!
    • Key Features
      • Built-in 9” Widescreen LED Display Monitor for monitoring 
      • Built-in 20 Channel Equalizer
      • HDMI Input/Output, USB Recording, SD Card Recording 
      • Live Recording Functions with Playback
      • Save files onto your USB Storage drive via USB port or SD Card
      • Premium professional grade built quality

    • System Spec 
      • 1500W 1500W Watts Max Power Output
      • SD Card Slot USB 2.0 Port with Built-in MP3G Player Module for Recording Playback
      • Built-in Digital Effect for Bass Mid and Treble enhancement
      • Music Control: Low, Mid, High, Balance, Volume 
      • Microphone control: Delay, Repeat, Echo, Low, Mid, High, Echo, Volume 
      • Master Control Individual Controls for Microphones and Volume
      • Recording Level Control (RLC) 
      • Audio/Video Inputs: DVD/AUX/BGM/RCA/HDMI 
      • L/R Multiplex Channel Output Selector, Line-out Outputs
      • Guitar/Keyboard/Piano Input (Front), Headphone Input 6.35mm (Front)
      • 1/4" Microphone Inputs, XLR Microphone Inputs, HDMI Input
      • Banana Plug Speaker Connectors, Conductor female Twist Connector Cable
      • Balance R & L Line Output, HDMI Output
      • Temperature-Active with Ultra-Low-Noise Fan  
      • 115 Voltage Built-in 110W AC Power Outlet
      • Dimensions: 17"(W) x 6 1/4” Front - 9 3/4"(H) Rear x 15 3/4"(D) - Weight: 55Lbs
      • Remote Control and Rack Mount Kit